Meet The Team

You can sense a definite theme in the biographies of our team. We all love SCBP and we love to travel the world! In the last few years our team will have travelled to: Australia, Baja, California, Cambodia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Laos, London, Mexico, Nicaragua, NYC, Paris, Peru, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Texas, and Thailand! We can’t all go at once so we carefully coordinate our time off and support each other to travel. When we can, we travel together.

Lee Saxell
Registered Midwife, Co-Director
Kiran Nayar
Family Physician, Co-Director
Linda Knox
Registered Midwife
Lori Wolfe
Nurse Practitioner, IBCLC
Pamal Deol
Nurse Practitioner, IBCLC
Martha Roberts
Registered Midwife, Director of Research
Preveena Dharmaraj
Family Physician
Adriana Mejia-French
Family Physician
Karen Buhler
Family Physician
Ann Lovold
Registered Midwife and UBC Dept. of Family Practice - Midwifery Faculty
Carole Miceli
Registered Midwife and Head of Midwifery at BC Women's Hospital
Heba Al-Nashef
Registered Midwife and Acting Head, Dept. of Midwifery St Paul's Hospital
Michelle Entwistle
Registered Midwife and UBC Dept. of Family Practice - Midwifery Faculty
Rebecca Dickinson
Registered Midwife (Maternity Leave)
Tobi Reid
Registered Midwife
Estefania Orta
Registered Midwife
Astrid Christoffersen-Deb
Obstetrician & Gynecologist (Maternity Leave)
Dr. Gilbert Lam
Shannon Greenwood
Registered Midwife - Team Member in Haida Gwaii
Caitlin Frame
Registered Midwife and Hospital Postpartum Care
Philippa Lyons
Senior Postpartum Nurse
Alison Rolfe
Registered Nurse - Labour & Delivery Nurse, BCW
Caroline Philippson
Registered Nurse Team Leader - Nursing Team, IBCLC (Maternity Leave)
Natalie Strachan
Registered Nurse
Louise Underwood
Registered Labour & Delivery Nurse, Richmond
Julia Kubik
Registered Nurse (Maternity Leave)
Stephanie Wong
Registered Postpartum Nurse
Jalana Grant
Doula Program Coordinator
Chelsea Reed
Intake & Digital Communications Coordinator
Gerilou Fontanilla
Program Manager
Devyn Husband
Admin Team and Midwifery Student
Danielle Schroeder
Registered Clinical Counsellor and Group Care Leader, MA, RCC
Amanda Rnic
Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, BSc, CGIMS, CAFCI