For Referring Physicians

The South Community Birth Program provides a full range of primary maternity care services to Vancouver’s childbearing women and their families. We are located in our beautiful newly renovated space at 202-1193 Kingsway. Women receive multidisciplinary care from family physicians, midwives, nurses/lactation consultants, and doulas. We provide Connecting Pregnancy group care or standard individual care, as well as postpartum and breastfeeding drop-in clinics.

The goal of the SCBP is to improve the health outcomes of pregnant women by providing them with a collaborative and integrated team approach to care, with quick referral to specialists when needed. This is the first such multidisciplinary program of its kind in Canada, where midwives and family physicians share the care of women and their families. Care takes place in a community-based, culturally-appropriate, and woman-centered manner during pregnancy, birth, and the newborn period.

How the clinic operates

Prenatal visits can be individual or group care, in the Connecting Pregnancy (CP) model of care. The CP groups incorporate health assessment, education and support into one entity. The first few visits to the clinic involve one-on-one sessions with a family physician or registered midwife. Around 18-20 weeks the CP groups begin, facilitated by a family physician or a midwife and one of our nurses. If you choose not to join a CP group, you will continue to see a family physician and/or a midwife throughout your pregnancy in the clinic.

The family physician receives a complete summary of the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period when you're transferred back to them around six weeks postpartum. If you don’t have a family physician we will help you to find one.

When to refer

Family physicians can refer their pregnant Vancouver patients to the South Community Birth Program by directing them to our intake form. Women and their babies are referred back to their family physician around six weeks postpartum.