Individual Care

The South Community Birth Program provides a full range of primary maternity care services to Vancouver’s childbearing women and their families. Located in a newly renovated space on Kingsway, women receive interdisciplinary care from family physicians, midwives, community health nurses, lactation consultants and doulas. We provide Connecting Pregnancy group prenatal care or standard individual care, as well as postpartum and breastfeeding drop-in clinics.

Your first few appointments are done one-on-one with a doctor or midwife, where all testing and physical exams are completed. If you choose not to attend Connecting Pregnancy group care you will continue to see a doctor and/or midwife throughout your pregnancy in the clinic. Two of our caregivers will be assigned to oversee your care to ensure all of your testing and your records are up-to-date. We encourage you to book your appointments with your assigned caregivers so that you receive continuity of care. This continuity with two providers is very good for your care, ensuring that it is comprehensive and that your individual needs are met. However, some women prefer to meet a variety of caregivers and that is fine too! Your history and plans for the birth are communicated to all of the doctors and midwives who may be on-call to attend you during labour. We can assure you that we all share the same philosophy of care but in order to make you more comfortable with our entire team, you will have an opportunity to Meet the Team one or two months before your expected due date.

Connecting Pregnancy Groups
We also offer prenatal care in group sessions, with 10-12 women (and their partners), who are due to have their babies around the same time as you.
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