Foundation & Community Work

The Vancouver Community Birth Foundation is a registered charity associated with the South Community Birth Program.

The Vancouver Community Birth Foundation was initiated to facilitate community support. Many South families generously donate to the South Foundation, and these funds are used to provide support to the families in our care who need it most.

Vancouver Community Birth Foundation Purpose:
Vancouver Community Birth Foundation provides material and emotional support for pregnant people who are structurally marginalized. We believe that belonging to a community is an essential component of long-term family health. Our work fosters community for those who might not have one. This begins during pregnancy and continues through birth and early parenthood.

Vancouver Community Birth Foundation Mission:
To nurture every new family in a supportive village.
Vancouver Community Birth Foundation team of doulas and cultural translators provide accessible and culturally appropriate care to our birthing families. We also provide day-to-day living support, subsidized counselling as well as pregnancy and postpartum education.

Vancouver Community Birth Foundation Vision:
We envision a network of strong, vibrant communities with equitable care for all to have safe, connected birth and early parenting experiences.

A few of the things that the Vancouver Community Birth Foundation provides:

  • Food cards for fresh food that can’t be received at the local food bank
  • A taxi voucher to get to the hospital while in labour
  • Funding for emergency clinical counselling services
  • The Foundation also subsidizes our partially funded doula program. This enables us to provide doula support to all clients in our care
  • Connecting Pregnancy fees are also subsidized for clients that successfully apply to The Vancouver Community Birth Foundation for assistance

In order to keep our doula program thriving, we have a suggested sliding scale fee of $750-$950+ to our doula program. Any amount donated is welcome, and if it is over $20 you will receive a charitable tax receipt. We encourage families to consider donating at any time in their pregnancy, or even after they have delivered.

Fun Facts about Donating:

  • You receive a tax credit for donations made to our registered charity!
  • You’ll feel good supporting the families in your community!
  • You can sign up to become an annual donor! Just contact CHIMP
  • Your money goes to providing necessary support to vulnerable families

How to Donate

Donations to help support the program can be made through CHIMP by clicking the button below. All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt.