These are all the resources provided by SCBP during your pregnancy whether you’re in group care or individual care. Please read all the handouts to help you make decisions about your care.

Helpful info for beginning to middle of pregnancy:


Helpful info for last trimester/delivery and postpartum:

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Welcome to SCBP

Welcome to SCBP - About our Program
Is It Safe for My Baby

CP1 - Nutrition in pregnancy

Iron-deficiency Anemia
Food Sources of Calcium and Vitamin D
Pregnancy and Dental Health
Exercise in Pregnancy
Fibre and Your Health
Folic Acid and Neural Tube Defects
Food Safety During Pregnancy
Healthy Eating for Pregnancy
Guidelines for Eating Fish With Higher Mercury Content
Personal Goals for a Health Pregnancy - quiz
Preventing & Treating Gestational Diabetes
Reducing Risk of Food Allergy in Your Baby
Sources of Iron
Coping with Morning Sickness

CP2 - Exercise & common discomforts

Abdominal Muscles
Exercise basics
Itching in Pregnancy
Nausea in Pregnancy
Progressive Relaxation (Cool Down)

CP3 - Relaxation for birth

Breathe to Relax
Comfort in Labour
Contractions During Pregnancy
The 3 R's in Childbirth Preparation
Meditation for Pregnancy
Audio Healing Meditation for Pregnancy
Audio Loving Kindness Meditation for Pregnancy
Audio Mindful Awareness Meditation for Pregnancy
Audio Relaxing Body Meditation for Pregnancy

CP4 - Labour support

Food & Drink in Labour
Hints for Labour and Birth
Water Birth Handout, for those interested
What is a Doula
When Labour Starts
Your Feelings about Pain Medication
Doula Request Form

CP5 - Labour & birth

Perineal Massage in Pregnancy
Backache in Labour
Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring
Movement in Labour
SAS – Decisions for the birth & after
Session 6 - BCWH Info Fentanyl
The Tough Times of Labour
Going Past your Due Date - Postdates Pregnancy
Epidurals in Labour
Pain Relief in Labour

CP6 - Cesarean & VBAC

Ideas for the Best Cesarean Possible
Birth After Cesarean
Cesarean Section Overview
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

CP7 - Breastfeeding

Breast Engorgement
Breastfeeding Your Baby
Cleaning Equipment, and the Storage and Transport of Mother's Milk
Helpful Hints for Keeping up Milk Supply
Keeping Track of When My Baby Feeds, A Baby Feeding Log
Resource - Mastitis
SAS - Thinking about breastfeeding and parenting
Signs Breastfeeding is Going Well

CP8 - Recovery

Abdominal Muscle Gap Exercises
After Your Cesarean Birth
After your Vaginal Birth
Cesarean Recovery
Exercises After You Have Your Baby
The Many Dimensions of Postpartum Depression
Strep in pregnancy. Evidence for antibiotics and alternatives

CP9 - Your newborn

Baby Skin Care and Rashes
Baby sleep positions joke
Common Newborn Procedures
Infant Massage
Newborn Screening
Vitamin K
Evidence for the vitamin K shot in newborns
Normal Newborn Behaviour

CP10 - Your newborn

Resource - Childhood Immunizations
Resource - Safety tips for new babies
SAS - Contraceptive Use
Circumcision Decision
Physiotherapy for Newborns with Tongue Tie
Postpartum Support for 2SLGBTQIA+ Families
Postpartum Support