Ann Lovold

Registered Midwife, Clinical Faculty, UBC Midwifery

I am a midwife who has just moved from Ontario to beautiful Vancouver with my partner and three small children. I live in North Vancouver where I love having a forest in my backyard. I have been a midwife since 1995 and have helped at over 2000 births both in Canada and internationally. I also love teaching both in classroom and clinical settings. I have a masters degree in International Health and have travelled many times to developing countries to conduct research, be involved in mentorship programs and to train health care workers in emergency skills. Some of my favorite places I have lived are Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia and Cambodia. I also worked in Nunavut for two years, and loved the northern experience. I am very happy to be a part of the incredible care team at South. It is the most inspiring and supportive collaborative practice I have every experienced.