Karen Buhler

Family Physician

“I am inspired by the amazing power of a woman birthing and then the joyous moment when a new life is welcomed into the world.”

Dr. Buhler completed all her medical training in Vancouver. Her thirty-plus years of volunteer work and family practice with a focus on women’s health has given her a strong connection to the birthing community in Vancouver.

She was a founding member of the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective and has been a strong advocate for woman-centered care ever since. Later she played a role in the establishment of midwifery as a regulated independent profession in B.C.She has held leadership positions in Family Medicine locally, provincially and nationally and enjoys teaching the art of family medicine maternity care.

She has two children and loves to spend time with her family and friends hiking, skiing, kayaking, and canoeing–anything to get outdoors. Working with families in Connecting Pregnancy and bringing meditation practice into pregnancy and parenting are two of her current passions. She might be seen over in the corner with eyes lightly closed while waiting patiently for a baby to appear.